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Unseen Dog Fencing

While traditional above ground fencing made from chain link and wood may help contain your dog, there are issues to consider with these styles of fencing.  Dogs can dig under, squeeze through or climb over many of the above ground fences. These fences can be unsightly in many cases and require maintenance over time such as power washing, staining or painting to maintain an acceptable appearance.  Additionally, traditional above ground fencing is much more expensive than the unseen dog fence system that we offer and most often they limit your dog(s) to only the back half of the yard. Technology has allowed us to develop a system over the years that is very effective at keeping your dog safely in your yard without the expense, maintenance and visual affects of an above ground fence. The technology in the Pet Stop system is built right into the smart receiver/collar and the smart transmitter – giving you the safest, most secure and most customizable options in the neighborhood. The boundary wire (Electronic Pet Fence Line) is buried out of sight to preserve the beauty of your landscape. In your Smart Zone, the system can be programmed for a variety of settings including the warning time and how the correction is initiated. But for a dog that is insistent on running away, Pet Stop’s exclusive Fail Safe Zone instantly activates a correction at the highest preprogrammed level, ensuring that your pet – no matter what breed or temperament – stays safe in the yard.

At Rocky Top Dog Fence we are a powerhouse of knowledge. We are specialists in installing unseen dog fence systems in the Knoxville, TN area.  We customize the settings of your unseen dog fence for your pet's size, breed and personality to ensure that your best friend is getting the most effective, yet pet friendly, containment system available.  We make your pet's adjustment to this new world as quick and painless as possible.

invisible dog fence
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The boundary wire is buried out of sight to preserve the beauty...
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invisible fencing
Pet Stop engineers are genuine pet fence system innovators...
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invisible pet fence
Take a closer look at the Transmitter and you’ll see...
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