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Pet Stop engineers are genuine pet fence system innovators– not just imitators. They have researched and developed the best pet containment system in the world. Glance over the highlights below and you’ll see a few of the many features that have helped build the Pet Stop brand reputation as the "pet-friendly" choice. But we happen to believe Pet Stop brand is pretty doggone owner-friendly, too.

Customizable: We have different sizes of light weight receivers with varying capabilities so that we can find the perfect receiver for your dog and his personality.

FlashAlert - Low Battery Light: Replace the battery when you see the light and you won’t ever have to worry about your pet running out into the street or running away because of a battery failure. And better yet, you’ll never have to guess when to change the battery – or purchase a battery you don’t need.

SafetyStop System Shut Off: There is even a compassionate feature that shuts down the receiver should your pet become trapped in the signal field.

Water Proof: The receiver is sealed tight against water up to a depth of 15', so your dog can swim or play in the rain without fear of damaging the receiver.

Our Receiver/Collars are fully compatible with our Indoor Transmitter and most unseen dog fence systems including Invisible Fence (older systems), Dog Watch and Pet Safe.

invisible dog fence
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invisible fencing
Pet Stop engineers are genuine pet fence system innovators...
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invisible pet fence
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